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About Us

At ASIAN AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY COLLEGE, our basic philosophy is to offer training to successfully prepare graduates with the skills needed to secure employment in the field of Cosmetology. With this in mind, we continually survey the profession to keep abreast of current trends, designs and techniques required by employers.

The highest academic and career standards are maintained to assure graduates of superior capability and qualification is their profession. The curriculum is flexible enough to allow for new procedures and techniques as they are developed, yet solid enough to maintain high academic standards. The final objective, through our specialized training and classed, is to have our students successfully complete their program, secure and retain employment, and advance in the professional field of Cosmetology.

A Cosmetology License qualifies you to work in any Salon in the State of California as a Hairdresser, Manicurist, Hair Stylist, Color Specialist, Permanent Wave Technician, Facial Expert, Make-up Artist, Hair Cutter, Salon Owner, Platform Artist, Television or Movie Studio work.